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Horoscope Interpretation for the same Planet-Constellation, but with the adjusted House-system

Since this is the very same Planet-Constellation as in the Birthplace-Example i will not repeat the Degree-positions or Aspects of the planets amongst themselves here, but focus on the changed House-Placement of the Planets and the changed Tips of each House, plus the new Aspects to Asc. / Desc. and MC / IC.
The Asc. = 17 Sagittarius
Likes peace and justice, believes in the good in humans and is very optimistic.
Asc. pos. to MC.
As in Birthplace-Example (here of corse with the different degree positions.
In the I. House:

Transit Pluto
Positive Moon node
Optimistic. Can express own personality very well.
Plutos transit here will make this person a true individual, a very independent pioneer character, but this person will not be very accessible for others during these many years.
Tip of II. House = 14 1/2 Capricorn
Would like to so many things, but does not know how to focus on one at the time. Can get angry above it all, but will remain mostly with a distinguished fassade. interested in many things too.
In the II. House:

Transit Neptune
May have a fine instinct for special ways to make money during these years.

Tip of III. House = 20 Aquarius
Rather weak, but with a good sense for the rythm of life and times.
In the III. House:

Transit Uranus
Tense and outstanding intellectual interests and experiences.

The IC = 6 Arias
Tendency to isolate him/her self out of fear of getting hurt. Can however appear tactless him/her self when trying to get noticed by others anyway.
In the IV. House:

Transit positive Moon node
Rather fortunate at home and with material things.

Tip of V. House = 0 Taurus
Live is a struggle, but that's okay for this person. To have everything under control, be in charge is a mission here. not very nice for others, but often fortunate for this person.
In the V. House:

Create something as meaning of life here. Artistic creations or rather a good number of kids created to have a big happy family. However, it may be difficult to establish a long lasting relationship in the first place.

Tip of VI. House = 23 Taurus
Rather introverted and weak, but constantly hoping for help from others.

The Descendent = 17 Gemini
Always on the lookout for the right partner. Patient and calculating waiting for the best catch.
Desc. pos. to Pluto
This person - together with a partner - will have a sophisticated impact on its environment.
In the VII. House:

Negative Moon node

Would make a tender, refined partner, but as partnership would make this person also tense and nervous. also a bad choice or taste for eventual partners, and most likely a partnership that doesn't look that convincing in public at all.

Tip of VIII. House = 14 1/2 Cancer
Torn apart between high fying feelings and lowest emotions, hate and love. Thereby not open at all, the type that rather takes secretly what is needed or wanted than expose any desires. A bit of a parasite.
In the VIII. House:


Transit Saturn

These 4 planets with their rather uncertain difficult aspects to other planets seem very risky to have in the VIII. House (known as the House of Energy for life or death), but with the
Sun positive to MC
Uranus positive to MC
Mars positive to MC
Jupiter positive to MC
the tide will turn favorably. Wealthy partnerships, or trusted wealth to work with will bring certain yet sometimes sudden success, financially as well as publically.
Saturns transit here will add a enduring serious pace to all partnerships or activities.
Tip of IX. House = 20 Leo
Hospitable attitude, but often busy thinking about questions concerning the meaning of life or death in general.
In the IX. House:

Longing for the unknown, never before experienced or seen or heard of. Tendency to opt for reformation of old systems in state, school, politic or juristiction. Restlessness will result, but determination will lead to a positive impact on society and partners.

The MC = 6 libra
Will want to live a orderly live and to stay in a good and lasting relation. Well balanced and interested in spiritual or intellectual issues.
In the X. House:

Transit Negative Moon node.
During these few years there will be lots of competition out there, which will make it difficult to bing constant efforts.

Tip of XI. House = 0 Scorpion
Knows own strength and weakness just all to well, but also the ones of others. Therefore very dangerous as enemy. can wait and wait to get back at someone, but when it's due it will be fierce.
In the XI. House:


May not always have the best instinct for who is a good or a bad friend, bad can count on a few reliable old friends.

Tip of XII. House = 23 Scorpion
Likes to plan everything carefully. Has appeal of a winner and will not let go anymore of those who are useful contacts

Despite some introverted Tips of houses, this person is now rather extroverted and involved with others and the community. The "brainy" became a materialist, the individual a family person. the place Sacramento however is not a first choice for this person, due to some unsatisfying Tips of Houses. San Diego / Tijuana would be the better choice in this part of the world, with this House-Positions for the basic Planet-Constellation.
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