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Astrological Advice by Rudolf Megert, the worlds first 100% accurate scientific horoscopes

If you wish

astrological advice

on a scientific accurate level:
I do astrology / horoscopes since more than 15 years now,
worldwide, by hand, as shown here, each one individual!
For further details please feel free
to contact me

Astrological Advice

for . . .

  • Love Compatibility
  • Personal Horoscopes
  • Relocation Horoscopes
  • Executive Hiring Astrology based advice
  • Chinese Astrology (in combination with Radix Charts)
  • Transit Readings (for your future trends or global future trend analysis)
  • Wise people know that good advice is worth more then "fuzzy math".
    Important things in life, business, politic or partnerships are easier
    done knowing when the best time for it would be or who is the best
    possible partner, or best possible new employee, manager or political
    Astrologer Rudolf Megert can aid you in making "informed wise decisions"
    in all questions about any TIME, PLACE or PERSONALITIES.

    My astro advice is based on scientific research to make sure you realise
    that there is a distinct difference to any "psychic" or "fortune telling" stuff !
    I do claim 100% accuracy for my

    horoscope interpretations

    Due to this major difference I can rightfully claim so, please review the

    Horoscope Examples

    above or my Astrology Book Script that reflects on my knowledge base
    and with it on my claim to 100% accuracy in astro analysis and trend readings.

    Order or inquire about Astrological Advice by Astrologer Rudolf Megert

    Use the email address in the image below to ask about Astrologer Rudolf Megert's
    exclusive 100% scientific accurate Astrological Advice.