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Below you see a complete Birthplace Horoscope for someone born near the Lake of
Constance, St.Gallen, Switzerland, on 9 30 e. longitude and 47 25 n. latitude

Blue =
The Basic Constellation of the Planets at the moment of birth,
with all the Aspects amongst them.
This is the portion of every horoscope that is unchangeable for life!
Describes the basic character of a person and is with that the background on
which the quality of time is measured, called Transit.
Dark green =
These are the Transit Positions for the Planets, here drawn for the 14th of July 2005,
used to check the quality of time for that particular day,
or else any other day in the future or the past.
Red =
The House System and Aspects that may lead from one of the Planets to the
MC/IC or Asc./Desc. Axis. This determines the surrounding of a person and is the
changeable part of every Horoscope! The House System must be adjusted to any
place of stay other than the birthplace every time someone moves somewhere else,
since every change of place means a change of the personal environment. This is the
 part of the Horoscope where those changes are manifested, after the adjustment of the
House System.
A adjusted House System may also bring changes to the Transit Positions of the
Planets in the Houses, or with Aspects to the MC/IC or Asc./Desc. Axis.
Important note here:
This sort of work should strictly only be done by those who have the knowledge of the
meaning of each one of the 360 degrees of the Zodiac because those who only know the

12 signs are hopelessly bound for inaccuracy, which -on this level- is nothing short of catastrophical for everyone who unknowingly "believes" in such incompetence.
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