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This website is dedicated to those interested in Astrology as a practical scientific tool

If your computer doesn't have "Astro Fonts" you will see letters or numbers of your default font replacing all planet symbols i have used in this online excerpt
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Contents of complete book:
Western Astrology Pages
Intro: W 2 to W 7
Basics about the 12 Signs of the Zodiac: W 8 to W 19
Calculations: W 20 to W 30
Necessary Tables: W 31 to W 37
Birds eye view on a finished Horoscope: W 38 to W 48
The Planets in the 12 Houses (Radix and Transit): W 49 to W 77
The Aspects (Radix, Transit and Partnership): W 78 to W 126
All the individual 360 of the Zodiac: W 127 to W 167
Chinese Astrology Pages
Intro: C 1 to C 3
The 5 x 12 Years: C 4 to C 41
The Seasons: C 42 to C 43
The 24 Double Weeks: C 44 to C 52
The 28 Moon Houses: C 53 to C 68
The 12 Double Hours: C 69 to C 71
The 144 Combinations (Chinese / Western): C 72 to C 111

Chapter 1: (complete) Intro

BIG SYSTEM - stands for our Solar-System.
ASTROLOGY - stands for the scientific understanding of this system.

The Solar-System may just be seen as another life form. Within this form there are 12 Basic Energies, in constant motion. This motion is a matter of time, and creates therefore ever changing constellations. These constellations determine the
The Quality of Time again effects anyone and everything in our entire Solar-System. The human race, as the supposedly most intelligent form of life in our Solar-System, may feel and realise the effect of all those temporary constellations the most.

Thousands of years back in time, when no electric light brightened up the nights, no motor warmed up the cold days, when in fact no manmade thing at all stood between a human and the universe around him, the impact of nature was for sure immense. Already in those times humans started to check it out. Maybe the first thing they realized was the power of the sun. (Without the heat and the light of the sun there wouldn't be any chance to live around here, for example). Through the thousands of years, up until today, humans added their experience and researched knowledge.


At the edge to the year 2000 astrology became once more pretty popular, but there are several levels to it. The daily horoscope in the press is the very lowest one of it. Entertaining perhaps, but absolutely useless furthermore. The so called psychic level may be interesting for "Psychos", but exists in a field far away from provable reality, where wrong information can be dangerous! On the next level would be the "real Astrologers" who can calculate, draw and read a complex horoscope. Still, they may come up with a 70% true interpretation at best.
The reason therefore is simple; their collection of Astro-Knowledge is not complete!


The long missing link was the 360 Zodiac!

Since more than two thousand years this perfect tool has been established, but it got forgotten when astrology was popular last time around (approx. 1500 to 1700). A few outstanding people made remarkable horoscopes and predictions than, with this 360 Zodiac - but without the 3 Planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto!
So they failed somewhat - and probably gave up on the Issue.
(The 360 Zodiac has for each single degree a explanation, the Zodiac that is presently in use by "advanced" astrologers has only 12 Symbols! Some of those single degrees may just be as the general interpretation of the symbol they stand in, but others may very well be completely contrary. That's why the 360 Zodiac is the "missing link").

Today, a perfect horoscope has got 12 planet-positions, 6 house-axes, 6 different types of aspects - and all this within the 360 Zodiac.

No more mistakes now?
After a couple of years practicing, mainly with those complicated planet positions which receive six or more aspects of all sorts, from all possible houses, i can safely say; No mistakes anymore!

Curiosity, for that matter, is the best way to learn fast.

Here something else too.
Imagine 2 people, one perhaps a man, the other a woman, but both are born at the very same minute, in the very same city.
Would they get married, or become millionaires, or have a car accident all at the very same time?
Not necessary at all. The personal environment, the family this persons grow into and up with, will have a significant influence on them too, because no one is a island. So, if one of this two is born in a rich family, the other one in poverty (for example), money will help the rich one to have it easier. But actually, the "quality of time" will of course always be the same for both, it's just the personal surrounding that adds a different twist to it.

The main use of astrology is awareness of the reason why what happens - or will happen - or has happened, how, where, when and with whom - or with whom rather not!

The graphics on the following 3 pages will give you a picturesque insight on how a certain constellation is drawn onto the Zodiac. (Can not be displayed, they are only drawn in bitmap quality)!

The equipment you need to get yourself so far is:
First of all, your - or anyone elses - birth data. That is year, month, day, hour and minute plus birthplace (longitude & latidude).
Also needed are Ephemeris (a book with tables for each planets daily movement), preferably in NASA-precision, and the Tables of Houses, for the global section of the horoscope. (It should be the one from Dr. Koch, because that is the only proven precise one).

To get it all together, you need to activate just a bit of your mathematical skills.
In some countries you can find Astro-Services that do the calculations for you, and it would be wise to use them to double check your first own calculations anyway. In any case, to understand and use THE BIG SYSTEM daily, you will be better off being able to do the basic calculations yourself.

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