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Chapter 9: (complete)  Intro (chinese astrology)

 The Chinese Combinations

The chinese astrology doesn't require calculations, therefore it is easier to use but far less precise in its information. Nevertheless, if all the 5 paths and combinations are checked the outcome will be the same as with all the details from the western astrology. There are even some advantages within the chinese way. The animal symbols they use are a good help for anyones imagination and the 5th elements are just brilliant!
To combine western and chinese Astrology is essential for a complete interpretation of any Horoscope, also to understand the spirit of countries and towns. (Check the list for global positions, and the chapter 5 x 12 years for more about this).

Notice: The 5 elements the chinese use since thousands of years are slightly different to the 4 western ones. Why that is so has been a major question for me. Why 5? What kind of element is metal supposed to be? What about wood?
Well, all this questions found answers with the time. Earth, fire and water are in both parts of the globe the same. Metal, described as "enemy" of wood, could only be the strong winds that uproot trees sometimes or break branches off, therefore metal must be oxygen.
Wood, meant as everything that grows on earth, in all its amazing diversity, could only be the creative element spirit. Spirit is so far known as the "holy" spirit in the bible but not as an element.
My thoughts went further along this way: If we humans create something new, where does it come from? From a idea! From a dream. From our brain in general!! Which one of the known 4 western elements is responsible for our ability to think? None! There was always an element missing! The 5th element!
It is spirit that enables us to think, dream, imagine and therefore to create, just like mother nature does. Think about this, use your amount of the element spirit to check it out. With whatever you may come up, in this book i'll name the chinese element metal oxygen and the chinese element wood spirit.
I may add my final thoughts about the elements here:
I am certain there is actually even a 6th element. TIME! Because, whatever has been created, never mind if it was a nest by a bird, a computer by humans or a new kind of plant by mother nature itself, each one of these creations has got a limited life span measured in time.
But here i have to stop. More to this issue can be found here
One other result of my element studies has to be acknowledged too. If the chinese have the element fire in summer, which is perfectly logical, why do some ancient astrology books still tell us Cancer is a water sign, all though it arises in the fire of summer, or (as another example) Capricorn is a earth sign, all though it arises in the wet and cold winter?
I did vote for logic about this question. That means, the determination of which element belongs to which western signs is given by the season it comes up and nothing else! Detailed information follows in each chapter of the 5 paths, also about the seasons for the southern hemisphere.

Here now the basics on how to use the chinese Astrology,  to get the maximum of information out of it.

The 5 Paths
      1. The Year - and its Element
      2. The Season - and its Element
      3. The Double-Weeks
      4. The Day                                                    (One of the 28 Moon houses)
      5. The Double-Hour - and its Element       (which will be indicated by the Ascendants position in the western Horoscope, for

                                            example: 6  = Spirit hour, 19   = Oxygen hour, 28   = Earth hour.)

The Combinations
For easier understanding i use here for all the following combinations the same fictive birth time as example; 1955, July 15, 02 h 20 m.
The combinations herefore are:
      A. Element / Symbol of the Year                        =     Spirit-Goat.
      B. Element / Symbol of the Day                         =      Fire Ox (July is a summer month).
      C. Symbol of the Year / Western Symbol          =     Goat / Cancer.
      D. Symbol of the Day / Western Symbol           =      Ox / Cancer.
      E. Symbol of the Year / Double Hour                =      Goat /Bull
      F. Symbol of the Day / Double Hour                 =      Ox / Bull

To get started here are the tables for the years and their elements.

The Years and the Elements.

 Last digit        Chin. Element          mod.Version        Organ           Short Interpretation
of the Year
 0 + 1                   Metal                    Oxygen                   Lounge          Strength
 2 + 3                   Water                   Water                     Liver               Imagination
 4 + 5                   Wood                   Spirit                      Brain              Science
 6 + 7                   Fire                       Fire                        Heart              Emotion
 8 + 9                   Earth                    Earth                      Kidney            Reality
TIME has naturally NO particular season!

Element on Element.

Element        Major               Minor           No direct        Minor           Major
                   Conflict            Conflict         Connection      Success        Success
                    (....is                (.. will                                (...rules          (...is
                   ruled by)          become...)                            over...)        nourished by...)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Fire              Oxygen          Earth              Water             Spirit            Time
Earth            Spirit             Oxygen           Time               Water           Fire
Oxygen         Water           Time               Spirit               Fire              Earth
Water           Earth             Spirit              Fire                 Time            Oxygen
Spirit            Time              Fire                Oxygen            Earth            Water
Time             Fire              Water             Earth               Oxygen         Spirit

View complete table of elements here

This table could show you for instance that you would perhaps be better off with a person born in a wood-year -if you are born in a fire-year- than if you have someone born in a water-year around you. But, try to think about that person too. Born in a wood-year he (or she) might prefer an earthier companion. Or try to think what would be best for you if you would be a very aggressive person born in a fire-year. Wouldn't it be wiser for you to have a water-person, or at least someone born in a earth-year around, just to cool your temper down a bit?
View a graphic display of the new circle of elements here

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