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Chapter 2: (complete) Basics about the 12 Signs of the Zodiac

Another look at the 12 basic symbols of the zodiac
and the corresponding planets, houses and chinese symbols.

Mars Orbit: Approx. 2 years
Chinese: The Rat Arias Ascendant
I. House tip
As a full circle, the zodiac doesn't really have a beginning or end, but traditionally it is
Arias or The Rat or the first House that make the start. Mars is the corresponding planet to
the three items above, all four share equal characteristics. That is an active, dynamic ego,
the wish to be first, to excel, all for owns sake. Coming from the dark depths of Neptune (the
last sign before this one) it is all a race here. Like the plants in spring, all want to grow
into the sun, up to the top spots. activities where ever you look. Naturally they are good
where ever there is fast decision making necessary, in politics as well as in business.
Positive characters of this sign are leaders in their own right. No time anymore for
dreaming. On the negative side this characters can be nerve wrecking active, or even
dangerously aggressive, specially when they suffer a setback. If they have to face someone
stronger, they treat them like a friend, but just until they get a chance to take over or
pass by. Everything new and modern seems attractive to them. They have a constant need for
gossip and good opportunities. All tough very self made, to have a family is very popular
around these characters, probably because they are very aware of the fact that a whole
family tribe has more strength than a single individual, or because they like to share their
passion for sex with someone regular. For itself, this sign doesn't have to much of intellect,
it's the will that count's here. If the will wants more than what's offered, they might just
take it anyway, which means in terms of sex rape. This is the widely disliked side of this
sign, careless curiosity and nerve wrecking activities are not everyone's cup of tea.

Moon node (Pollux) Orbit: Approx. 18 1/2 years
Chinese: The Ox Taurus II. House tip
Again, like with all other 12 slices of the zodiac, these are the next four corresponding signs.
Still very individual here, but no longer that restless or nerve wrecking. Slowly but steady,
simple but practical and efficient is here the choice. Passion and strength are on high levels
here, and understanding for people with less is rare. If this sign takes over, never mind if
in politics, partnership or business, they take the lead in dictator stile, mainly because
they fear losing the picture when something other than their own idea has to be considered.
It is not a peoples sign, because the crowd is the last thing they want to be in. Solitude
would suit them fine, if there wasn't the desire for sensuality. To find someone they can
share it all with is not as easy for them as for more outgoing signs. And, they do see red
when approached improper. When they have a problem with someone, they don't use others or
some sneaky back path to solve it, they go directly at it. Typical warning sign when that is
about to happen; their head is going down just a bit (like the real bulls). Respect is what they want, but in
general they prefer civilized manners to get it. The bullies, as they are often called, repeat
their thoughts as many times as necessary to be absolutely certain.

Mercury Orbit: Approx. 1 year
Chinese: The Tiger Gemini III. House tip
After all that steadiness and considered thinking this sign follows it's instinct.
Individuality is still major, intellectual individuality that is, the intellect is on its peak here,
and nothing goes unnoticed by. These characters live almost in their own minds and have
therefore a constant hunger for new intellectual food and new experiences, often also in
relations with other people. On the outside rough and tough, but on the inside rather soft, this
sign is difficult to approach when on the move, but open and gentle when relaxed. A inner
conflict of extreme tempers often occurs.

Moon Orbit: 1 month
Chinese: The Cat (or Rabbit) Cancer Immum Coeli
IV. House tip
Wild adventure's? No thanks! Individually? That's over now too. Here begins the next cycle. More
people than only one come now into perspective. At first -here- it is the family, the whole
home living in general. Why travel the world in search for new experiences, when you can
dream them almost alive in your own home! And what other nice things you dare to do only in
your own home (talking about the Rabbits here). Here is the motherhood of all creation, never
mind if it is just some knitting, or the creation of a new life. One thing though may trick this
characters off and on, their moods. When and how they change is a mystery to most, even to
them self. Somewhere deep inside is this thing called psyche, and it may just take a wrong
look from somebody to change the tide. Their sensibility can be so strong, that they can
literally read other peoples minds. That's why these characters aren't very open, specially
not to strangers. The few persons who are close however are showered with care, love and affection.

Sun Orbit: 1 year
Chinese: The Dragon Leo V. House tip
Now it is enough with all that sensitive fuss and cozy home. Let's play some big game, have
some fun, be glamorous, shine and rise. Vitality is there to use, it's overflowing. The sheer
aura of these characters is often good enough to get them where they want to go. Some become
presidents, some others may just hunt around for their sexual appetite. Some see life just
as a gambling pool. But, whatever they do, they bring in the efforts for two (at least) and can
easily become a role model for others. Of course, some are different, some are just like hot
air balloons, big show but nothing behind of it. All of them however have a particular sense
for the wicked side of life.

Pluto Orbit: 248 years
Chinese: The Snake Virgo VI. House tip
Not everyone can have a commanding appearance. The big stage is now out, so is the spotlight.
Why stand up front, when the back seat is even more efficient? These characters work hard too,
but they are to much worried about doing everything right, to enjoy it really. To make sure
they get it all right, these characters need sometimes a quarantine. They can actually create
this refuge around them out of the blue, when and where ever it is needed. Access to the
complexity inside these characters is virtually impossible, or at least about as hard as
digging in a coal mine. That attitude of course doesn't help others to build up trust towards
them. Analyzing things seems to be their favorite pastime, with which they gain some
amazing insights into people or proceeds or whatever else they might study. Still, some of the
Dragons burning passions are hidden deep inside this sign too, but might come up just in
secret ways. A inner conflict between joy and duty may occur.

Venus Orbit: Approx. 1 year
Chinese: The Horse Libra Descendant
VII. House tip
Another new cycle starts here. Opposite the "I am" from the first symbol of the zodiac comes now the
"You" into the picture frame. Also no longer is this a secret sign like the one before. These characters
want to be seen, want to be amongst people, want to get personally involved with others,
because they need a partner, they need someone to share their emotions with. Some of these
types can become the classic butterflies, always on the go, to get involved with someone new.
On the positive side these characters have good senses for people and the amazing ability to
have always a natural smile for almost everyone (except indecent looking or acting people). To
be clean, kind and cultivated is here a must, because they want to be sociable at all times.
With this attitude they are mostly well liked, specially in the field of diplomacy or any
PR-Job. It is also to mention, that some of this characters life the "offering principle",
this can mean - in a classical sense - that they prostitute themselves.

Moon node (Castor) Orbit: Approx. 18 1/2 years
Chinese: The Goat Scorpio VIII. House tip
Also this symbol doesn't fancy to life alone, but they need more than just a one-on-one
partnership. These are the "Club People". That's where they can be together with people of
similar interests. Towards others they are pretty choosy, quality comes here clearly before
quantity. There is a bit of a dark side to this symbol:; failure and loneliness can drive them
to the edge of self -thought or -destruction. Not to forget is here the say "Lust through
pain", this characters can be the classical masochists. It's the intensity that gives them
the last thrill. Normal day to day routine is just not interesting enough. But looking for
trouble is nevertheless not at all their thing, to life peacefully and rather quiet is the
preferred choice.

Jupiter Orbit: Approx. 12 years
Chinese: The Monkey Sagittarius IX. House tip
But now they want action, be in motion, have fun, and all this big please. This could very
well be the "Sadist", who like's to ride others into troubles. For them self's they are
optimistic enough to overcome any hazardous situation they may get into. Still, routine is
nothing fancy to this characters too. Deep thoughts about life and death are not very common
here either. As individuals this characters could be the vagabonds, the Peter Pan's, jumping
from action to action. The more settled types can be found in all the big institutions for
science, religion or politics, where they usually play some up front doctors, professors
or party leaders because they don't lose sight even in the busiest crowd of people. But
whatever it is they are doing, the way is what counts, not the aim. Of course, no one is more
entertaining than these characters, but a few of their never ending list of tricks may be
far beyond good taste. A inner conflict may appear between right and wrong.

Saturn Orbit: Approx. 29 years
Chinese: The Rooster Capricorn Medium Coeli
X. House tip
Enough of silly jokes now. What is right or wrong is no longer a question, it's clear! Here it is getting
serious. Let's get it all under control. Management of anything, from feelings to other
peoples money, is here the order. Another cycle yet has started. Instead of intimate relations
(like in the opposite IV. House), it is now the public relations that they want to deal with.
Like a father manages his family, these characters try to make wise decisions (takes sometimes a
bit to long) in whatever field they work. Work is anyway their preferred pastime. Sometimes they drive
everyone else mad, because they split hair while trying to find solutions. Why make it simple, if you can
make it complicated, isn't it? They are always passionate collectors of information, because
the more they know, the more reasonable they can decide in the end. Thinking in abstract
structures, in which emotions and philosophies have very little space, is their favorite
way. Naturally "home sweet home" is not where they look best, tensions may be present among
their homes many times. "Picking" around in other peoples lives is the less pleasant habit
that can occur with this symbol.

Uranus Orbit: Approx. 84 years
Chinese: The Dog Aquarius XI. House tip
Now the zodiac has past it's peak, the public image is no longer the issue here. The strict
order of management is loosening up, but therefore they are watching even more carefully
what's going on in society now. Social understanding becomes a main issue here. The awareness
that not everyone can be a hard (and successful) worker, dealer or leader, is coming into play.
These characters literally bark at whatever is a unsocial inhuman shame. (We all might be glad
to live in this world age now). But the structural thinking from the sign before is still
awake here, there must be a system for everything here (probably that's why i call astrology the big
system). Of course, these systems must be explored, must be understood and made useful, and this
might be the reason why science has taken the place of religion in our times. To know is now the
priority, to believe doesn't satisfy any longer. This symbol can be like no one else a loyal friend in any
situation, but sometimes they are a bit over cautioned, as if they hear or see things coming their way,
which are not visible just yet. It's like they have one eye and one ear somewhere ahead in the future.
Some of these characters do have a amazingly stubborn attitude, often called fanatic. In worst cases
they end up in a destructive frenzy against everyone that doesn't share their ideas. Sudden new
discoveries and innovations are the common outcome of the work and research of these characters.

Neptune Orbit: Approx. 186 years
Chinese: The Pig Pisces XII. House tip
To fight for human rights or live a life dedicated to public interests is not anymore the
priority here. Still a sense for human understanding is awake, but it's now hidden because visions
and illusions start to take over, the daily reality may become a nightmare. Therefore it is
necessary for this symbol to find a refuge, a place where no other spirits than their own
one is present. Here is the end of the public cycle of course. The whole burden of the 11
signs before seems to lay sometimes on this last one. It is time to collect one's self
consciousness together here, to get ready for the new cycle, for being a pure individual again. The
way maybe messy, because this symbol can only concentrate on one thing at the time,
everything else has to pass by as ever possible. However, there is a pretty egoistic sense
showing up already here, that can be seen when this symbol is in business. If they are out to
make money, they become almost trivial. The highest possible price, for the lowest possible
service may be the result. (Midas is said to have been a Pig). Sensuality can be their
Achilles heel, because once they're caught by it, their choice in mates is not very
careful. Some of these characters get simply lost in a imaginary world which finally might
destroy them, or makes it necessary to lock them away in a detention center. Visions, real or
unreal ones, may haunt this symbol. The past 2000 years have been the world age of pisces, and
religion was the worldwide vision. Something to believe, but never to prove in reality.
(Imagine a fish, swimming in deep waters. What do you see there? Clear sightings? Most
unlikely. You see shades, vague forms, visions of things that may be - or that may not be).
A inner conflict between imagination and reality occurs. (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and
Pisces are the so called flexible signs. In the chapter CHINESE ASTROLOGY you'll find that
each one of these symbols is divided into 2 parts with different elements, that is the reason
for their inner conflicts).

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