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Chapter 15: (just part of it) The 144 combinations (western / chinese astrology)

The 144 combinations between the chinese and the western Astrology

These combinations can be used for the following:
Chinese Year / Sign of the Zodiac
Chinese Moon house / Sign of the Zodiac
Chinese Double hour / Sign of the Ascendant
If you check the first pages of this book again, you find which chinese sign corresponds with which western sign. Using that, the 144 combinations can inform you also about the combination between
Chinese Year / Chinese Double - Hour
For instance: Ox Year / Tiger Double Hour = Ox - Gemini.
As you also realize there is the Chinese double hour in this combinations as well as the Ascendant from the western Horoscope. To get a complete picture you can also combine those two.
For instance: chinese Dog Hour / western Taurus Ascendant = Dog - Taurus.
Again, keep in mind with all these combinations to consider the elements that are part of the year, the Moon house (according to your sign of the zodiac) and the double hour (according to the sign your western scendant stands in).

The 12 Rat Combinations

Rat / Aries
Very sociable. They can mingle with people from every level of the social ladder. Since they are very active, progressive and fully involved in a busy live stile they tend to be often a bit hasty or quickly irritated. They also like to be well informed and learn accordingly much. It may occur that they are sometimes rather conceited.
Rat /Taurus
Their activities are usually well timed and have one particular goal, to make money. Practical as they are they want to secure their existence in the first place. They have intellectual interests too, like to read or even write them selfs. With their literate talent they could manage easily to talk them selfs out of troubled situations if that would ever become necessary. They are a bit slower than most other Rats.
Rat /Gemini
Very energetic combination. They like to communicate or to write because they are very good at it. Unfortunately they tend to start to many things at once and have to realize than they can't finish half of it. Loyality or reliability are rather difficult for these people because they want to be open for new things. Sometimes they can act like aggressive emperors.
Rat / Cancer
Calculating, clever and careful. This combination has two mayor goals. A good family where they feel comfortable and relaxed and money. Further fantastic ambitions are out of question, they check first everything out with a very well developed instinct. In public they are usually a bit reserved.
Rat / Lion
Attractive, boisterous, even aristocratic. Everywhere somehow involved this combination makes sure they get what they deserve, at least. They are not really greedy or calculating, it is simply a matter of pride to them. Besides of that, enough money helps to maintain individual freedom. Of course, with their superior attitude they are bound for success. However, they have a big heart and are therefore often very generous.
Rat / Virgo
They really dig their nose into whatever interests them. Hyper busy as they are they could very well be scientists or detectives. That is in the best case so, but some of these combinations might just use their senses to parasite from others. All of these combinations have one thing in common though, a very pointed tongue. Sometimes they can of course also be snaky. In general they have unlimited possibilities.
Rat / Libra
Bubbly hungry for the excitements of live. They like all harmonious societies. Of course, sometimes they are heading straight into risky business with their attitude, may this be in love affairs or with financial things. In general however they have a fine nose for good opportunities. Also very well developed is their sense for beauty and good looks.
Rat / Scorpio
Public live may seem to them as a bit of a waste because they have a unbelievable determination to produce, to work - and to get rich. They are potentially uptight, tricky and clever enough to make friends with the right people. If they don't work in a mine they make tough politicians or even writers, perhaps of bloody crime stories. Competition is for them normal daily live.
Rat / Sagittarius
They can relay on good fortune and precise inspirations to stay out of troubles. Besides of that they are very tricky and have no scruples to use every trick they know. Together with their supple nature they look often more like some dream dancer than a real person, but that may be deceiving, they have a healthy sense for the reality. They simply like to enjoy live.
Rat / Capricorn
They may live a bit on a intellectual cloud but down on earth they are one of the more steady Rat combinations. Loyal and tactful as they are they like to be in lasting relations. Most characteristic however is their way of collecting things. Some wise inner sense tells them to keep just about everything that comes across them, you never know, some day it may be useful or bring some money. To have some social live is also essential for them.
Rat / Aquarius
The least business type of all Rat combinations. These people prefer personal relations and tasks with a social touch. With their well developed sense to detect what's going on all around and their intellectual capabilities, they could make very good writers or journalists. Since they have a lot of different interests they need some personal freedom. All though they have a broad minded and refreshing attitude they too like to be in charge, at least of a small group.
Rat / Pisces
It could well be that this combination is not really here, because they have so much fantasy that they might just stay in their very own world, especially also because they are rather shy and sensitive and prefer to stay at home for that matter. They might be suited best in a artistic society or job because they are of course very talented to write or paint. They might even be very good in business.
The 12 Ox Combinations

Ox / Aries
Careful and realisti, this combination is maybe a bit slow, but they do get ahead. They don't give in. On their straight way forward there is usually only one person important. Their own one. Tolerance is not their best side but since they anyway seldom need anyones help to move on, they don't have to bother. They can even behave arrogant but inside they do have some real feelings too. Whatever their attitude may be, they are always fair. It is simply not in their interest to waste their precious time with stuff that doesn't bring anything countable in the end.
Ox / Taurus
They sure know what they want. To get there they don't look much to the right or the left. Some could be called maniacs because they go ways no one else is going, there where there is space and freedom, there where they can rule their own world or perhaps the world of a few others too. If they go for it they wont give way for others. All though they have a lot of self control, if somebody dares to get in their way they get rude instantly and efficiently. For fantastic philosophies and long discussions is no place in their world. With this attitude they might be pretty lonely.
Ox / Gemini
To fall asleep around them seems impossible. They are very temperamental, specially when they get angry. All though very aware of responsibilities they are absolutely determined to be and stay independent. They might not be seen very often anyway because they could be on a hunt, on some mission or simply somewhere in the future all together because they have this sense for coming trends. Down to earth they are amazingly humorous and charming companions who can give others the feeling of freedom to be just exactly as they are. Since they are the intellectual type of researcher anyway they usually know very well what they talk about.
Ox / Cancer
They may appear as dreamers, as slow couch potatoes, but they are as steady as can be. Sure, home and family are their favorite place to be, there they are usually in command, keep everything up and in decent order and really want to posses their loved ones. They prefer of course to do all the intimate things rather than stay in the public limelight. They do care and love strongly and are very understanding towards their loved ones. Hard work however is not necessarily something that appeals to much to them. If possible they would rather prefer dealing with art for instance or with food. They simply want to have some time to dream.
Ox / Lion
Born to be in charge, that much is clear. They have everything it takes, other people mostly instantly accept that, or they realize at least that people of this combination would have no fear and no trouble to use anything to overcome opponents or obstacles. As a matter of fact they are so determined with their authoritarian style they could easily be called dictators. Unfortunately they are pretty inflexible, so they will perhaps face their personal Waterloo once they loose a battle or someone they love. It is their problem to think they are always best and perfect.
Ox / Virgo
One more Ox combination that tends to think they are perfect. This one however is seriously working hard for it. Not in public though, because they prefer it quite and in solitude. All though authoritarian too, they expect from others no more than what they would expect from them selfs. Careful and reasonable as they are they don't trust others to much. To ask someone for advice is probably the last thing they would do. In relations they are very possessive because they simply need to have the control about everything they do. The reason for that is that they are not that self a sure and that they have high moral ideals with which they will have difficulties to get into a intimate relation anyway. If they would let go of all their standards they would perhaps just fall from disappointment to disappointment.
Ox / Libra
This combination has certainly more interest in the brighter side of live and for more comfort too. On the other hand they might sometimes drift away from their usually well planned way. It is definitively the most sociable Ox combination, they try to be kind and civilized towards everyone. With this attitude they find it easy to make friend, but they set very high standards in their quality as well as into the quality of everything else. For intimate relations these people need a long time before they trust someone completely, until they know everything about their partner Once they found that trust and harmony they are very solid with their love. They do have their ups and downs with their moods but since they are extremely charming anyway people usually don't bother to much about it.
Ox / Scorpio
A very intensive combination, perhaps even an explosive one, depends on which side of the fence someone stands. To friends and loved ones they are passionately dedicated, would do anything for them. If they have an enemy it is the same, just the other way around. In general it is better to be their friends than their enemies. It is usually black or white for them, for shades in between they have no time. Whatever they do, they do it completely. Art will most certainly be one of their passions or they are very passionate moneymakers in business, they know how to draw profit with their talents.
Ox / Sagittarius
Another very sociable Ox combination. Besides their need to find financial security they are very adaptable, all though with the desire to be in charge. Interesting for them seems to be the control of social and moral standards, in their private live as well as in the society all together. They have a certain flair for functional style and are realistically determined to be as perfect as possible. If challenged in their moral standards they might become very own.
Ox / Capricorn
They sure take them selfs serious. They have their pre established opinions and wont give in on them, never mind how hard it gets. All though perhaps a bit more colorful than the other Ox combinations, their attitude is rather harsh and hopelessly determined. They want to be in power and if the road that leads there is not funny at all they give a dam. Psychologically speaking they are rather shy when it comes to speak about feelings and emotions, so they put all their efforts into their career. Morally they are in any case absolutely integer and stand up to a promise for granted.
Ox / Aquarius
A combination that actually cares about other people as much as about them selfs. They like it when someone asks them for help, they are good friends too. However, since they are very independent they like their personal freedom too, so they are the typical hard to get types when it comes to intimate relations. For deep sensual emotions they might anyway not be free enough in their minds. It could be that they see often a bit to dark. Their moral standards may be to high for comfort too. Since they tend to make their own rules they don't mind to overlook the commonly established ones if they feel they are not right.
Ox / Pisces
A sensible combination. It is not always certain which way they actually want to go. Is it the world of fantasy, or is it the serious down to earth world of business? Besides of that they are rather reserved but inside full of desires for the joys of live. To be able to spend it big, to have everything they desire they get into business and make money the tough way. They can be extremely materialistic all though such sensitive dreamers. Naturally they don't have to many friends, they are perhaps even lonely most of the time. As partners they are absolutely loyal and not as bossy as most other Ox combinations. With their fantasy they would make creative artistes too.
The 12 Tiger Combinations

Tiger / Aries
No patience, no lenience, this combination is rotating forever, always in search for new experiences and joy. Of course, they like to be always first. It has to be action, it has to be intensive. Since they are usually rather attractive and above that open and serious other people like them very well all though their temper can be irritated very quickly. They really have a choleric and outraging temper in general. People who think and act considered will find this combination rather tiring. And of course, they don't waste their time to think about their attitude, they simply say them selfs they are doing great. And that is basically also what they do. They really manage to life live to the max.
Tiger / Taurus
Wait and see is the motto of this combination. With this attitude they are certain winners. They know when to pounce and how to make a fortune. They have great self control, even in intimacy. However, sometimes they get carried away by passion -or by anger. Nice if it is passion, nasty if it is anger because they have a very hefty temper and don't bother to let it all out. They don't forget and revenge is nothing unusual for them. They can be very cruel in that particular field. In general they are in favor of a orderly and disciplined environment around them, never mind if it is in their home or at their working place. Basically they are modern and conservative at the same time and have the gift to give others the feeling of freedom to be just the way they are.
Tiger / Gemini
Always ready to rumble, always on the go. Even in relations they use the simplest incident to pack their stuff and run. They are just not made to let the grass grow underneath their feet. They also like the game of seduction to much to be tied up with the same partner for long, unless it would be a very tolerant one. Unfortunately they are often to hasty to finish their projects, so in the end they may not achieve very much all together. On the other hand they trust in their good fortune and try to create their very own road through live where they have always the primacy.
Tiger / Cancer
Often victims of all their mood swings. They are great romantics, like the brighter side of life and can be very sensual. Inside they may be soft but they are also very possessive. It doesn't show on the outside because they know how to fool other peoples eye by playing the nice little gentle cat In business and job however they usually do very well, they are good decision makers. Necessary for their comfort is a stable home situation where they can live their very own crazy rhythm. If they don't find that situation they become irresponsible and egoistic. In general they are very pleasant companions.
Tiger / Lion
Here comes the king. At least they like to be treated and respected as such. But they actually have all it takes to be respected anyway. A superior impressive appearance as well as class and pride. Since they are also honest there wont be to many stones thrown in their way anyhow. They would react rather narrow minded if it would happen. In day to day live they simply can't shine in their brightest light, they could probably not even function normally or they would become lazy couch captains. What they need is a good amount of responsibilities, never mind if that is around their family or on their job.
Tiger / Virgo
This combination can maintain social contacts on all levels which helps them of course to get ahead. They are usually very honest and loyal but if it would become necessary they would have a few magic tricks or a little efficient intrigue somewhere in their pockets to help things getting done and over with. It also seems that they often forget their partners over some things they may have to do for their career. They anyway tend to have their emotions under control. With their sense for organization they are very well suited to be chief of a department or to be leaders of a labor union.
Tiger / Libra
In their career they are very capable because they have the charming way that goes along with everyone. They also don't go for open confrontations so they save a lot of energy there. A little bit of risk, a little bit of artistic charm and the business is done. A rather different story may be their private live because to be in love or to fall in love is essential for them. Since they are passionate, sensual and very talented they shouldn't have a problem to find a partner. But unfortunately they are at the same time also very vulnerable and sentimental. Disappointment may cross their way. Once disappointed they lose it quite a bit, start to question them selfs and don't know anymore what they really want. Emotional ups and downs are simply a constant part of their lives.
Tiger / Scorpio
Dreamers or bohemians. This combination is living a bit above ground. But also here, looks can be deceiving. They are intelligent and have one of the best instincts for people there is, so they know often already in advance what others are going to do and can take precautions if necessary to protect their interests. Tactics and strategies are their favorite game anyway. They know which games they can win and which ones are hopeless. The same intensive care will be given to friends and people they love, either to protect or to posses them. On the other hand they wouldn't like it if someone would try to get hold of them because they need to feel individual and independent. If things don't work out as they have planned them they tend to get into a rage.
Tiger / Sagittarius
Their appearance can be seen already from a distance. Its big, splendid and very much talented to draw attention. They are the entertainers who can bring a whole crowd to cheers and tears. If not entertaining they are usually very generous and just characters. Since they never lose their youth they are not really fit for an ordinary live. Put behind a desk or working in a regular job makes them rather miserable. If they try to adapt they may just create a complete mess because they couldn't separate dreams from their silly reality.
Tiger / Capricorn
Anything, just nothing plain normal please. All though they can work hard, even do simple jobs, they want to be first, they want to be special. With their strength and sheer determination they can make it. It doesn't necessarily have to be political power or material gain they're after, it is rather projects, records or progress in general what they want to achieve. With all that will and determination they might miss out on the intimate front, they are simply a bit to serious to enjoy the pleasures live can offer. Disrespectful behavior can make them wild.
Tiger / Aquarius
Idealistic, futuristic and free thinking combination. For home sweet home they have not to much time because the world needs them. Some hungry people in Africa, a earthquake in Japan, they are there to help. Commitments like a marriage are certainly a difficult thing for them, at least if it would mean that they would have to be at home by 18 hours every day. If present situations do not fit their understanding of what's right or wrong they simply change the rules for them selfs. They like -as all other Tigers- a good bit of provoking behavior but they wouldn't let others look to deep into their private live. Since they believe in the good of people and also strongly in their own good fortune they can maneuver them selfs sometimes into problems, but they usually manage to escape unhurt. They don't mind to stay in front of a microphone and spread their message around, whatever that may be.
Tiger /Pisces
This combination is a bit more moderate than the others. They try to get what they want more with psychological means than pure force or strength. However, if under pressure they will be nothing short of any other Tiger in their response. What they seem to like is those sad tragic events, the great gestures that lead in the end to absolutely nothing, or to pain, such as lost love and misfortune in business. Naturally they are better off being artists than hard working employees in a job that deals with nothing than facts and figures. If they are not constantly caught by their own fantasy world they can be very helpful folks.
...and so on to Pig / Pisces
Notice : All these 144 informations are basically just hints.

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