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Chapter 14: (complete)  The 12 double hours

The 5. Path

The 12 Double - Hours

The Double - Hours represent a persons outer appearance, the direct exchange with the environment around them.

23 - 01 = The Hour of the Rat
Pretty straight characters who prefer to have a lot of lose friends around them. Nevertheless, they make a selection because name and status of the people they know should have a good sound to it. They have the tendency to struck their nose into everybody elses business and can be very annoying with that attitude. Their charming and self a sure behavior should not fool anyone because under pressure they can crack or show at least a malicious narrow minded and impassioned reaction.
01 - 03 = The Hour of the Bull
Not exactly flexible in their opinions but otherwise rather friendly or even cheerful. They see live from a realistic point of view and keep up a healthy balance between work and leisure time. They commonly think first carefully before they act. Both sexes are quite sensual, that shows specially in their leisure time.
03 - 05 = The Hour of the Tiger
Very impressive appearance, very self a sure, very dynamic. Some people get scared already seeing them from a distance.. But its partly a disguise, they are quite soft cats underneath, which shows as soon as someone gets intimate with them. Nevertheless, they have that instant instinct that makes them always completely aware of where they are and what is going on around them, so they hardly ever feel lost.
05 - 07 = The Hour of the Cat
Very emotional package that needs to act it all out. However, they are at the sane time quite shy, so they disguise or completely hide their true feelings. Some are victims of their ever changing moods, some others found a balance in dedicating them selfs to help others. Nevertheless, they like to have a couple of good friends who can cheer them up. A natural lifestyle suits them most.
07 - 09 = The Hour of the Dragon
To impress people with their unique personality seems to be the most favorite hobby from the whole lot of hobbies they have. They simply want to be special, never mind how much they like people. Some of them try to avoid getting involved in love affairs just because they could lose their own holy personality in it.
09 - 11 = The Hour of the Snake
Outsiders feel first the tension inside of them. If they didn't have such a good self control they would probably go up the wall every 5 minutes or so. They don't display what's going on inside of them, except perhaps to some real real close person. Other than someone like that they don't bother much about friendships at all.
11 - 13 = The Hour of the Horse
They try to show always a friendly, pleasant face and find it easy to make spontaneous contact with people. Natural as they are they can be the typical pioneers who are always ready to do some action rather than to sit inside a office. Often they simply over estimate their abilities. When they realize that they are quickly off to something else. In general they are well liked by most people and have very often fortune on their side.
13 - 15 = The Hour of the Goat
They need a bit of time to sort their live out, but once they got there they know how to get the good jobs, the right income or even the right partners quite well, without making to many headlines about it. Their talent is to instinctively feel what kind of theater they have to play in a particular situation or around particular people. Besides of their loyal daily commitments they manage to have somewhere a cloud of dreams where they can escape to.
15 - 17 = The Hour of the Monkey
Able, clever and full of action, they are all ideas. However, it is all just on the surface, it is all basically a show. But it is a funky show, so people like it. They seem to be able to just pull a switch and -Bumm- they have a completely new identity. Just for a couple of hours of course. That playful and optimistic nature will keep them young at heart.
17 - 19 = The Hour of the Rooster
They don't care. That is actually really their attitude. All though kind, active and just, first comes what they want, what they need. Still, they have a very own appeal to others and can find a happy life with their charm. On the other hand they can be real narrow minded and picking. They are commonly very proud, like to be in command but can as well be idle and cold-hearted.
19 - 21 = The Hour of the Dog
They are made to adapt to any situation, particularly to their partners. They like to be helpful and are always around in their silent ways. Their sensuality is silent too, but nevertheless there. Often people start to realize what they actually had on them after they are gone.
21 - 23 = The Hour of the Pig
Tender ouls. Cover their soft inside with a rough behavior. Since they are afraid to lose them selfs in the flame of love they shy away from people they could fall in love with. However, they are very intelligent. Still, it is possible to abuse them because they like to be helpful. Not all of them are self a sure they may need a strong partner on their side.
Notice:  To establish your birth time correctly you have to use your actual local time, as you may have learned in the western Astrology sector of this book.

If your present place of living is a long way off your birthplace, you may have to adjust the double hour according to the degrees of longitudes you life away from your birthplace. For every degree you have to add 4 minutes (if your present place is east of your birthplace), or subtract (when your present place is west of your birthplace). Once you reached the longitude on which the next double hour begins you can make that longitude to your personal prime meridian! Every further 30 degrees from there on a new double hour starts for you, all around the globe.
For instance: Born around 01h 30m, in central europe, you are born in the hour of the Ox. If you move to the middle east you cross somewhere between Greece and Turkey your personal prime meridian and you come there into the Tiger hour. Would you travel much further east, you would end up perhaps in the hour of the Horse, somewhere in Australia, or if you would travel west from central europe, to western europe, you would come into the hour of the Rat, and so on. To be aware of this may be very important because live may be better on a other place than the present one - or worst, of course.
If you have done the calculation for a complete Horoscope already and you know your MC, you can adjust the different double hours also in your house system. If we take the example from before, 01h 30m as birth time and say 14 Z as MC, on 9 10' eastern longitude, we have to extract 30m ( 30:4 = 7 30' minus), that's now an MC on 6 30' Z and 140' eastern longitude as a personal prime meridian (from the Ox - to the Rat - hour here). On 31 40' east is therefore the next personal prime meridian, there from the Ox - to the Tiger - hour, and so on every 30 degrees around the entire globe.

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