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Chapter 12: (just part of it) The 24 double weeks

The 3. Path

The 24 Double - Weeks

1 - second half of Aquarius -
Idealistic, human and democratic. These people like to have a social touch added to everything they do. Basically they are better at jobs where more brain work than craft is needed. All though they prefer a certain independence they might feel more comfortable as part of a common enterprise. Teamwork is not necessary, but preferred. To lead a small group of people is possible for them but they are not really born to lead. They have some difficulties with decision making. Morally integer they don't value money as the highest goal to reach, they'd rather see the world a bit more modern, warmer, friendlier. Also technical and creative jobs are done very well by these people.

2 - first half of Pisces -
They may begin with an almost blind belief in the good in everything and everyone. If interested in something they would perhaps even work for free. So, for technical jobs on machines these people are not very well suited. With the years there will be disappointment because the world is not only a heaven. As a result of that these people often tend to drift away from reality, into a imaginary world of their own. Often is alcohol or some drugs used to drift. With this surrealistic attitude they are better off in a artistic or communicative job than in some high precision laboratory.

3 - second half of Pisces -
Caught between reality and fantasy. As youngsters these people let others guide them and have no problems to follow the orders of seniors. The older they get however they start slowly to take the initiative and may finally end up in charge of their own joint or department. If capable to combine fantasy and reality artistically well done jobs are certain because these people are very crafty. Perhaps they prefer more the outdoor or on the road jobs. Once they learned to bring their high flying fantasies and the plain reality under on ha, they can be true hedonists.

4 - first half of Aries
Pioneers, conquerors, independent people. Always active, always hard working. Bureaucracy and welfare are something they don't understand to much. Not even democracy suits them to well because these systems aren't quick and free enough for them. Their main goal seems to be to impress others with their achievements. Competition is absolutely no problem, as a matter of fact it drives them even to more efforts to push their projects or ideas through. The leader types who never give up can be found amongst these people too. Quick decision making, readiness to take risks and a understanding for technical machines are their brighter side. A complete lack of empathy, specially also in personal matters and the often to tough stands are the disliked side of these characters. Because of the latter they may sometimes be dumped from their leading posts.

5 - second half of Aries -
In young years full of faith in individual power and enterprise, but the older they get the more conservative and security concerned they become. So it is with work. As youngsters they prefer something challenging, later they prefer something that's well paid and brings some honor. With their realistic and practical capabilities to plan and organize they have usually no problem to get the job done right and in time. Of course, they also think about them self's first, but the older they get the more they start to understand other peoples needs and wishes too.

6 - first half of Taurus
Born conservative these people can be completely self a sure and down to earth, right in the center of it all. They like to be seen as a pillar of reliability and trustworthiness. Individual security and prosperity are their main goals. To do something for others or the society is perhaps the last thing on their agenda. The older they get the more comes a touch of laziness up. Fast decisions and intellectual flexibility are of course not these peoples thing. Once they found a certain method or conclusion they are going to stick to it, never mind if times are changing. This makes them good administers or managers. For being a top shot however they might be a bit to comfortable.

7 - second half of Taurus
These people still have one foot down on the ground, but with the other one they look for adventures. Reliability teams up with a broad horizon so they can understand and accept other peoples point of view too. All though they like to work, with aging they tend to leave some uninteresting work simply unfinished as soon as something more exiting comes up. Making money, saving money and planning way ahead of time are their favorite thing to do because they like to secure their or their families comfort and future. With their practical, materialistic and risk avoiding nature they prefer actually if someone else takes the initiative or even the responsibility. Despite that they can push their interests very well through. A good sense for shape, color and beauty in general makes them also potential artistes.

8 - first half of Gemini
Like children, these people see so many interesting things to discover and do they simply don't have time to grow up. Strict principals and authority are nothing for these types. A flexible, open and mainly free society in which everybody respects the human rights is their ideal. Scientific research, exchange of information, controversial hot debates and competition keep them alive. Boring jobs wont be done for long. They have inspirations and thousands of ideas, but not enough practical understanding to bring them all into a useful form. They are not very good organized but make good communicators and sales persons. In critical situations they become very unreliable, or even endangered for a breakdown.

9 - second half of Gemini
As young folks they like to do and try just about everything, but the older they get the more they try to settle down for a certain political attitude, a particular hometown or a steady family. All though work as such is not their prior interest they like to be involved in the process of new developments or work later on just for their financial security. With their finances they are a bit strange. If someone owes them just a couple of cents they can make a big scene if they don't get it back in time, but if they should pay back a bill they may wait until hell freezes over with the payment. Fast mistake free thinking and neutral communication with almost anyone is their best side so they would do very well as mediators, messengers, advisers or impartials. In any sort of routine job where patience is required they look rather misplaced. Democracy, where everyone can speak out freely and with that may have an impact on future politics is essential for these types.

10 - first half of Cancer -
It is important for these folks to feel loved and well liked, never mind if it is at work or at home. They want to be part of it and therefore adapt to what is common in their surrounding. With their hearts they hang on to the past rather than to look forward to the future. Of course, with their sympathetic and emotional understanding they are very good in all catering and caring jobs. They are a bit cowardly, so clever or rough people and circumstances get the better of them very quickly. Dry calculating or detailed precision work wont make them look good either, they need to use their intuition. Work is at all not really something they couldn't do without, they just do it because they like financial security. To build up a solid enterprise, or even a own business however is absolutely within reach for them. Social welfare caretaker or artist is certainly something for them too.

11 - second half of Cancer -
Peace and order in town, state and home is their ideal. They know who they are and what's their place in live and they wish others would know their place too. The traditional knight code of honor combined with gentle kindness marks their attitude towards others. It makes them even happy when they can do someone a favor. Critic or interference in their way to do things however really hurts them. As a matter of fact they would like it if everyone -at a working place for instance- would act as they all would be part of one big family. They can be the leaders of that pack, but they would probably need a tough second person around to straighten things up when they them selfs where to soft. Moods determine how good or how bad they actually perform. If there is something to be done they do it mostly immediately. If there is nothing to do they have enough hobbies to keep them entertained at all times. Getting rich and famous doesn't appeal to them, they just want to have what they need.

...and so on to the 24th double week.

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