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Chapter 11: (complete)  The Seasons

The 2. Path

The Seasons

Most countries know 4 seasons. The chinese however have 5!
I did mention already why i use 5 too. -5 elements simply need 5 seasons.
But what about all the countries on the southern hemisphere? All they're seasons are completely opposite to the ones on the northern hemisphere.
Is that really so?
I am personally writing this book down under, in Australia, and i definitely had to think about this too.
My answer may be a surprise.
If i stay in Cancer towns such Terrigal, Yamba, NSW, or Coolangatta Qld. -which would be winter signs down here, therefore element water- and compare them with all the Cancer towns i have seen in europe and the middle east -which are summer signs there, therefore element fire- than i must clearly say; it is all the same! The Cancer towns down under have the same subtle aggression under laying as they have up north. This would simply mean the seasons are actually all the same around the globe, just that the southern hemisphere has cooler summers and warmer winters.. If i further check Scorpio towns i find the very same oxygen-stile attitudes on the northern as well as on the southern hemisphere, which means autumn is also on the southern hemisphere autumn, indeed i could see the leaves falling in my garden as well as all around the town and state i life in here during the usual autumn months.
If i am correct with my observation the life of a few  good astrologers could be a bit easier now.

Table of Seasons
Season      Time frame     Sign                                                Element  / Color /  Direction
Spring      21.3.-  3. 6.    Arias, Taurus, Gemini 0-12                  Spirit      Green    East
Mid-            4.6.-21. 6.   Gemini 13-29                                          Earth      Gray      Center
Summer   22.6.-  4. 9.   Cancer, Lion, Virgo 0-12                       Fire        Yellow    South
Mid-           5. 9.-22. 9.   Virgo   13-29                                           Earth      Gray      Center
Autumn   23. 9.-  3.12.   Libra., Scorpio., Sagittarius 0-12        Oxygen    Red      West
Mid-          4.12.-21.12.  Sagittarius 13-29                                   Earth       Gray     Center
Winter    22.12.-  2. 3.   Capricorn., Aquarius., Pisces 0-12      Water      Blue      North
Mid-          3. 3.-20. 3.    Pisces 13-29                                          Earth       Gray     Center
The Earth -Season
Serious, realistic, steady and reliable. Life preferably in the center of a home or a room. Not to much fantasy, not very adventurous. Stability and long-term oriented. Trustworthy and practical. Keeper of traditional values and all material goods. Ideal managers and advisors.
The Spring - Season
Natural, civilized and always intellectually awake. Prefer to life in rooms facing east. Capable to manage and overlook big complicated organizations. Many different interests. Generous and human thinking, but sometimes lost in anger. Very future oriented. Sometimes gone over the top.
The Summer - Season
Passionate, always trying to be strong and superior, always in search for new horizons or innovations. Always mobile, with no fear to take risks. Frictions sometimes simply essential, but also able to enjoy live. Dynamic and brilliant creators or destructive aggressors. Prefer rooms facing south.
The Autumn - Season
Unbending, hard and determinate. Strict and straight driven to success. On the other hand completely stubborn and unable to adapt to new situations. Very honorable and righteous, with interest in everything beautiful and artistic. Prefer to be alone, rather than in the crowd. Rooms facing to west.
The Winter - Season
Tolerant, pensive, often worried and very intuitive. Communicate very well, often without even making words. More made to comfort others than push for success. Often passive, but very flexible. Can influence others on a psychological level. Like north facing rooms. Inner peace as goal.

     Earth                        Oxygen                   Water                   Spirit                     Fire
----------------              -----------------           --------------             -------------            ---------------
Sweet Taste          Caustic Taste          Salty Taste          Sour Taste          Bitter Taste
    Desire                     Worries                     Fear                   Anger                     Joy

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